There is a King in You

Our Goals

There is A King In You was designed to empower and educate our youth. Many of our young men are on a quest to find themselves and we aim to help them. Our society has created such a negative stereotype of our African American males and it is our mission to change the narrative. We want to be influential in their lives. Our goal is to enlighten and empower our young men with truth and that truth is God created them to rule and reign. Our goal is to bring forth the King that resides inside of them so that they will walk in all that God has called them to be.

They will experience a safe and loving environment. Our program will offer life skill workshops and education that will assist them with their success. They will receive the encouragement and support they need to live out their dreams and fulfill their life’s purpose.

Previously recorded session from our past workshop!

Topics of Discussion

Each workshop will be taught by community professionals. Students will participate in activities and hands-on training. Students will gain and develop skills that will help them throughout their lives. Small groups will ensure the safety of each student and our staff. We really want to make an impact in the lives of our young men.

  • Who I Am
  • Finding your Purpose
  • My Life Matters
  • Lesson In Manhood
  • Create Vision
  • What’s My Passion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate
  • Investments

Upcoming Conferences

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