Jewels Feeding Friends

Serving prepared Food with Outreach Ministries

It’s our mission to provide a solution for the food insecurities in our community. Durham, along with so many other cities, is experiencing unprecedented gentrification, which has unfortunately left many lower-income families displaced and in a state of food poverty.

According to statistics, 16.5 percent of Durham’s Families are affected by hunger. That’s 49,600 people, 19.1 percent of those are under 18. That’s 12,460 of our babies that are experiencing hunger. In addition, 31.9 percent of our children receive free/reduced lunches at school because the family is not financially able to provide meals at home.

These numbers are very disturbing. Way too many of our families are struggling to provide healthy food for their families. We have an obligation to our community to provide the proper resources during their time of need.

JEWELS Feeding Friends Outreach has partnered with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, our local Panera Bread, Kipp Charter School, and many other organizations, to help combat this growing epidemic of hunger.

Some of our initiatives include a mobile food bank every 2nd Saturday of each month at Kipp Charter School in Durham and an Annual Thanksgiving in the Park Meal. We also have partnered with Kipp’s Backpack program providing 25 students with food during extended breaks.

Food Drive - Serving Food

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